Collision presents...


Brkn, Dro Hz, Ilmli

Sat · July 21, 2018

9:00 pm


This event is all ages

Emerging in late 2012 with a sound that was all his own, Tor’s debut album ‘Drum Therapy’ was the culmination of over a decade of quietly honing his craft, merging the aesthetics of dusty samples with polished production, addictive melody and distinctive driving percussion. After catching the attention of Emancipator, it became the first release to launch his new label Loci Records. Even though Tor’s background had been strictly studio-based, he quickly found footing in the touring world supporting established acts like Emancipator & Bluetech on national U.S. tours, performing at multiple festivals such as Shambhala, BassCoast, What The Festival & Burning Man, in addition to remixing artists like ODESZA.

Now over 3 years since his debut, Tor returns with his sophomore album ‘Blue Book’. It serves as the perfect follow up – a natural evolution of the best qualities of his previous work, while pushing his sound forward with new sonic palettes, ideas and tempos. Named after a childhood drawing book, the album references a raw creative time in Tor’s life with the theme of reconnecting with that part of him after years of looking for purpose. It’s a record that plays like a journey from start to finish, with rhythmic bell patterns, chopped vocal harmonies, atmospheric swells, warm bass lines, and a newfound love of analog synthesizers all taking his songs to new levels, and establishes that Tor is an artist whose trajectory will be exciting to follow for years to come.
A rare sighting because he's always in the studio sculpting sound, or managing a demanding position as head of Recording and Production curriculum at the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media. So get ready for a special set including some new unreleased music from one of Atlanta's best producers and mainstays.
Dro Hz
Dro Hz
At 16 I was playing local shows w/ bands, and never stopped loving to play & make music.
Currently producing under Dro Hz, and for Techno I'm under Kohanim.

Co Founder of Wiggle Factor, Delic, Absence of Essence/aka AOE (Lobotomy Records, Text Book Music, Alterimage Recordings)
& Panopticon (Audio Therapy, Alterimage Recordings)
Collabs w/ Habersham & Darius Kohanim (Influx Audio, Hunya Munya)
Making the trip from Savannah, ilmli is back with a new EP on Collision in July. This party will also be our release party for his new EP. Great downtempo music, with good energy and melodic bliss!
Venue Information:
Aisle 5
1123 Euclid Ave NE
Atlanta, GA, 30307