Willie HyN presents Rose Bowl ATL 2....


Johnny Apollo, Hero The Band, Levi Johnson, Rahbi, Phresh Ali, Ré Lxuise, Nesha Nycee, The Paragon

Thu · February 22, 2018

7:00 pm


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This event is all ages

Willie Hyn also formerly known as Sir Will is a songwriter, musician, and rapper known for his stylistic choice of music, unique sound, and originality. His sound is influenced by many musical genres which include hip hop, rock, jungle, funk, and pop. The eclectic range of influences apparent in his music includes Prince, Andre 3000, Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Cold Play, and DeAngelo.

Willie Hyn began searching for himself trying to capture a unique identity through music. He started performing at open mic events throughout Atlanta for two years incessantly, adding up to over 200 performances determined to be discovered. He took that time to examine himself, maximize his capabilities, and evaluate his life overall. Willie Hynl became a familiar face around Atlanta winning several talent shows hosted by radio station Hot107.9 ATL Talent, which led to an opportunity to perform at the Birthday Bash, BET Blaze the Stage, and many other high-profile events. He honed his skills and went on to win a number of talent contests. This success attracted many record label representatives and landed him a deal with Jive Records.

In 2009, inspired by Andre 3000’s band, “The Love Haters”, Willie Hyn decided to produce arrangements for another band that became known as “The Rose Parade.” He was mentioned in the March 2009 issue of Atlanta’s Rolling Stone magazine after performing at a showcase featuring LiL Wayne, which is the most memorable moment in his music career thus far. He is the CEO of The Roses are Red Art Club and the leader of "Da Royal Republic", his affiliation of very talented up and coming stars. Willie Hyn has released three installments in his "Road 2 Rose" mixture series including "The Rose Dawson edition", "The Detour", and "The Detour 2: The Power Trip". He is set to release his first full length album in the near future, "The Boy in a Balloon". Willie Hen's performance at New York’s SOB club has only added credibility to his exquisite sound and talent. This is only the beginning for Willie Hyn and he has already won the hearts of many. The magnitude of his creative and distinctive sound will only continue to captivate music lovers worldwide.
Hero The Band
Hero The Band
Hailing from Atlanta, Ga. Hero The Band is all about their blend of earnest and in-your-face Indie Rock, and Pop. It's all about catchy hooks, relatable melodies and great times productions. As the name of the group suggests, "Hero The Band" set out for something ambitious and grandiose, but at the same time, every musician in the band maintains a humble spirit and a relatable approach that truly connects with listeners on a deeper level.
Levi Johnson
Levi Johnson
Levi Johnson is an artistic and harmonious collection of rhythm,
dance, and authentic cool. Hailing from the Eastside of Atlanta,
this dynamic trio was formed by renowned choreographer and
creative director Jamaica Craft. Levi boasts a hard-hitting, bass
filled, and pop-tinged sound that's piercing to the core.
More than just another girl group, these innovators have been
bred for greatness. According to Levi it's "all about the vibe" and
that's the mantra they live by, which is evident after the first
listen. Heavily influenced by the 90's with their sound and street
savvy appeal, Levi's forthcoming debut is sure to deliver
something you feel!
Phresh Ali
Ré Lxuise
Ré Lxuise
Ré Lxuise (Rae Lou-ease) is a Detroit raised, Atlanta dwelling Grammy Nominated songwriter. Her voice has been defined as sultry and soulful, infused with a twist of modern “R&B” essence. After the recent success of her debut album "Nostalgia: 199X", she is beginning carve her own lane in the “R&B” world. With electric stage presence and melodic grace, Ré Lxuise has all the makings of a superstar!
Venue Information:
Aisle 5
1123 Euclid Ave NE
Atlanta, GA, 30307