The Grass Is Dead
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The Grass Is Dead

All Ages
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It is well known that roots music is passed down from generation to generation. From grandparents to parents and from parents to their children. The inevitable collision between the traditional past and the enormous catalogue of modern music, both spiritual and psychedelic, is the fertile plain that sprouted the roots of The Grass Is Dead. Initially formed as an acoustic offshoot of one of the country’s most beloved GD tribute bands, Crazy Fingers, The Grass Is Dead has evolved over the past ten years into a juggernaut of sound and a festival favorite up and down the east coast, to Colorado and back. Their live performances bring into view a traditional sensibility of bluegrass, swing, and folk music launched directly onto a psychedelic paintbrush of modern influences, most importantly, the music of the Grateful Dead. Captivating audiences with their unique interpretations and thoughtful arrangements of songs by the GD, Jerry Garcia, and many others, as well as their extensive file of traditional roots music at their command, it's only a matter of time until the buzz that they have created will reach the West Coast as well. The Grass Is Dead are very much alive and well, rocking out and and picking their way across this great country.


Row Jomah Does The Talking Heads is an 8-piece group made of some of the heaviest hitters in Tampa Bay.

Supplementing Row Jomah (Dylan Chee-A-Tow, Austin Llewellyn, Joe Roma and Melbourne Walsh), who themselves have played together since 2012, is Vinny Svoboda on bass (Anthill Cinema, Ella Jet & Future Soul), Robyn Alleman on vocals (Holey Miss Moley) and Dave Gerulat on percussion and vocals (Shoeless Soul, Cope, Legacy). Last but not least is Michael Lyn Bryant on synth (Follow the Monarchs, Skallop, Brain Emoji), who joined RJDTH following the inaugural show at Dunedin Brewery's Spring Beer Jam in March 2018, a powerhouse outdoor set that drew hundreds. That same October, RJDTH packed a nearly sold out Crowbar in Tampa, FL (capacity 400) and then headlined Saturday night at 2018's Hometeam New Year's Rally. This special project does not get together often and leaves jaws dropped when they do!

Venue Information:
Aisle 5
1123 Euclid Avenue NE
Atlanta, GA, 30307