Josie Dunne
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Josie Dunne

All Ages
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When most effective, music possesses an almost supernatural ability to take listeners on a vibrant journey. Listen closely to a well-constructed song, and an artist’s pathway to the present comes into laser-sharp focus. To that end, if ever one was curious where Josie Dunne stands at a given point in her life, her sophisticated and ever-soulful songs told the tale. Songwriting then, for the 22-year old breakout singer, has always been a matter of “deep diving into who you are as a person,” she offers. Because you have to be super self-aware to figure out your sound.” Having worked as a professional songwriter since age 16, and now on the cusp of releasing Late Teens Early Twenties, her soul-baring second EP for Atlantic Records, Dunne says in so many ways we have been and are continuing to play witnesses in real time to her self-discovery.


Music instigates introspection and often teaches us a thing or two about ourselves. Flaunting expansive vocal range, eloquent songcraft, and endless charisma, California-born and Nashville-based singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Willie Shaw composes relatable pop anthems from real stories. Wrapping emotion in rhythm, he makes an empathetic connection amplified by swaggering falsetto, slick grooves, and pops of colorful production. Signed to CAA and Career Artist Management, his 2020 independent debut EP introduces this striking style.

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